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A tiny candle flame is all it takes to keep a pot of green tea warm.  Teapot warmers come in all price ranges and designs but the simplicity of this tool is its greatest appeal.  The art of tea has its many teapots and tools of the trade. 

 The star of the show is always the green tea (or whatever flavor you personally enjoy) and then come the special teapots and tools needed to help create the best cup of tea.  The teapot warmers come in a variety of materials from cast iron, to glass and stainless steel and the ultimate tea ceremonial – bone china.  Depending on your teapot you will probably like one that is similar and compatible in design.  Many tea sets come complete with teapot, cups, saucers, creamer and sugar bowl as well as infusers and warmers. 

 Teapot warmers use a single tea light candle to keep the contents of the teapot warm for hours.  These can also be used to heat coffee or cider or even just plain water.  They emit a soft glow and add a touch of warmth to the room. Teapot warmers also make a nice gift to a green tea drinker that does not have one.  A tiny candle flame adds to the art of tea.

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Using a TEAPOT Warmer



Using a teapot warmer is a simple way to keep your tea warm.  A single candle under your teapot is just enough to keep the green tea at the perfect temperature.  You can get this one here!

Read the reviews too!

“I love using this teapot warmer with my petit teapot. I’m able to keep a small pot of tea warm and not have to reheat water, etc. Awesome…and a great addition to any tea lovers collection.”


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Teapots and Tools – Infusers and More


“A little cup of friendship,

With a bag of tea,

When you drink this,

Think of love from me.”

~ Source Unknown

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