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Green Tea Acne Home Remedies?

I know green tea is good for your skin, but are there any home-made acne treatments or green tea facials that you can make with green tea? I have loose-leaf green tea, and applying it after drinking my tea seems to help some… can you mix it w/anything else though?


Green Tea Heals !

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Revitalizing Green Tea Facial

Dispel all of the ailments of summer skin; sunburn, sundamage, dehydration, and congestion. Hot towels hot & cold stones, and jade rollers flush out and awaken the lymphatic system that tends to get sluggish at this time of year. Green tea powder mixed with our Anti-oxidant Mask cools and rejuvenates the skin. Leave with our blend of pure aloe gel with Pure Hyaluronic Acid Solution to further penetrate, heal, and hydrate. Natural ingredients such as green tea can be very effective on the skin. However, when used in low concentrations or mixed with harsh chemicals as they often are in commercial products they are not. We invite you to experience natural, results-oriented skin therapy for yourself! Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa is the the Original Asian Medical Spa(TM) located in a quiet community in San Diego, CA.  Green Tea Heals!

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Microdermabrasion – Green Tea Facial ? Skin Care Questions



I have heard about a green tea facial and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? How much do they even and smooth out the texture of your face?

Also, has anyone had microdermabrasion? Do you think it’s safe and effective? I know its expensive and you have to do it multiple times but have there been any worst case scenarios like skin peeling off your face?

Also does anyone know any other effective remedy to cure light acne scarring, just to smooth the skin out? Nothing serious though. Something cheap and effective… even if its not cheap just something safe and effective.



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