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What is Dragon Pearl Green Tea?

Dragon Pearl Green Tea is a special green tea produced in tea plantations and farms in the Fujian province in China. 


As you can see in the picture they are small hand-rolled pearl-shaped tea buds.  The silvery tea pearls are made by twisting and rolling together the buds and the tender shoots of the tea leaves.  This is a very aromatic jasmine-scented tea that blooms open and unfurls beautifully when steeped, releasing the wonderful sweet and nutty flavor. This blooming tea is full of health benefits from the antioxidants – green tea heals.  It is also good for several infusions. You can buy green tea here!

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How Long Should You Brew Tea?

Watch the video below from eHow to learn about the different brewing times and temperatures for brewing a variety of teas. The strength and flavor of the tea can be manipulated by the length of the brew time as well as the amount and quality of the tea used. Some teas can use boiling water and others, such as green tea, should not.

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Green Tea Heals!

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