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What is Dragon Pearl Green Tea?

Dragon Pearl Green Tea is a special green tea produced in tea plantations and farms in the Fujian province in China. 


As you can see in the picture they are small hand-rolled pearl-shaped tea buds.  The silvery tea pearls are made by twisting and rolling together the buds and the tender shoots of the tea leaves.  This is a very aromatic jasmine-scented tea that blooms open and unfurls beautifully when steeped, releasing the wonderful sweet and nutty flavor. This blooming tea is full of health benefits from the antioxidants – green tea heals.  It is also good for several infusions. You can buy green tea here!

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What is Flowering Tea or Blooming Tea?

Flowering tea is made by using a bloom or tea pod that when steeping in hot water will open and reveal a flower-like bloom.  Blooming tea or flowering tea is usually steeped in a glass teapot so one can see the beautiful visual effect of the bloom opening up.  Using a cast iron tea pot has also been known to bring out richer flavors when brewing or steeping tea.  These flowering blooms can be infused multiple times.

 Just like loose teas and tea bags, blooming teas come in many different flavors and tea varieties such as white teas, black teas and green teas.  Many are infused with rich fruity, nutty or spicy flavors.

 Green tea health benefits abound! 

 Drinking tea offers antioxidants that the body can use to fend off illnesses such as cancers, allergies, circulatory problems and many folks use green tea to lose weight.  Drinking green tea can help with cleansing detoxification of the body. 

Medical studies show that tea, but especially green tea rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols, may help block the growth of some cancers.  Polyphenols combine with free radicals at the cellular level and help prevent oxidative damage to the cells which can lead to the growth of cancer.  Jasmine tea blossoms are known to aid in relieving stress and soothing headaches and anxiety.  White teas in particular help to hydrate your cells, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. You can find many skin care products that use white tea as an ingredient because of the anti-aging properties.  Tea studies suggest that Rooibos can help reduce or relieve allergy symptoms and even colds. It’s also caffeine-free and filled with antioxidants.

 There are no known green tea side side-effects except for caffeine content for those who are sensitive but there are decaf green tea varieties available.  So, why not try some blooming tea and enjoy the rich delicious taste as well as the beauty of watching the flowering tea bloom open before your eyes.  Green tea heals!

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Journey Into Flowering Tea

Numi founders travel to the ancient tea lands, exploring the process of creating these incredible Leaves of Art.

Duration : 0:6:25

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